27 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi


Well as you all know i moved out and i ve got my new own home. It's actually really good, i mean i am happy with moving out. It's like this was all i was missing the whole time. Living spontaneous. haven't done much yet since there are still some stuff should be done with the house. but i really do what i want and i do it right away. This also means i drink a lot though. not good for sure.

Till now it was really really good. Except some stuff. But things started going a bit wrong with my life. I'm not really ready to speak about them and also i'm not yet sure about them either. So i'll skip the worrying about myself part for now.

Need to talk about some funny stuff. Like i still couldn't do any laundry yet. First i dont have that thing to hang them for drying and also i don't have any detergent aswell. For that reason i'm addicted to detergent commercials so i can pick a good one :) I'm really scared of messing up my clothes to be honest.

Whatever.. seems like i'm not smashed enough to write yet maybe i post another one tonight after a bit more drinks.
Cya buds .. and thanks for reading..  Cheers !

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